Kim Lewis

Welcome to Our Travel Moments — 4 Eyes, 2 Perspectives, 1 Great Adventure!

Do you love to travel but think you can’t afford it?  Sometimes the greatest adventures are in your backyard.  We both have been all over the globe as consultants but now we want to enjoy life and not be tied to the every day grind.  We live on a budget but have found ways to travel on the cheap and even FREE!  Our Travel Moments come from our 4 Eyes, 2 Perspectives,1 Great Adventure.  We don’t see things the same way which makes it really fun!

 Do you love to travel, create new adventures but don’t want to spend a ton of money?

Join us as we show you great adventures near and far without breaking the bank.  Live your dream and experience the world.  We love discovering beauty in the ordinary and hope you will join us as we prepare to soar.  We will share our tools, tips and tricks for great adventures all on a budget.  Plus, we will link to others doing the same so they can share their ideas as well.  There is a big world out there – – what’s holding you back?