One of our favorite places to visit is Seattle Washington.  There are so many things to do and see that you will need to go several times a year so you don’t miss a thing.  Every time we go, we experience something different, so we decided to share our 11 incredible places to experience in Seattle.

Crowne Plaza Seattle – Downtown

We decided we wanted to stay right in the middle of downtown Seattle.  The Crowne Plaza has great dining, a fun bar and is the perfect location to take in the sights and sounds of Seattle.  Great staff, nice rooms and lots of amenities to make your stay perfect.  We had amazing views from our room.  While we didn’t eat at the restaurant, we did enjoy appetizers and cocktails in their lounge.  We choose a seat by the window and enjoyed the amazing view as day turned into night.

Sweet Iron Waffles

Sweet Iron Waffle

Searching out new and interesting places is something we try to do in every city.  In downtown Seattle, we found Sweet Iron Waffles when on the hunt for breakfast.  You can choose sweet or savory.  My favorite is the savory brie, basil bacon waffle which is so yummy.  The place is small, so you may have to wait for someone to leave to get a seat, but when in the area this is a place you need to check out.   No place to sit, get your order to go and head down to the waterfront and enjoy the day.

Top Pot Donuts

Walking around the city can really work up an appetite.  We just happened upon Top Pot Donuts where I experienced my first maple bacon bar – YUMM!  Top Pot first opened in 2002 and now you will find several locations around the city.  From gourmet coffee to amazing sweet treats, Top Pot Donuts is a culinary delight.  It’s the perfect snack to boost your energy as you continue exploring this incredible city.

Marrakesh Moroccan Restaurant


What an incredible experience!  Get a feel for the Moroccan culture with a visit to Marrakesh Moroccan Restaurant.  As someone who has never experienced this type of cuisine, I was in for a real treat!  Served family style, this 5 – course meal starts with traditional lentil soup, salads Marrakesh and B’stilla Royale.  B’stilla Royale is a savory dish encased in phyllo dough, stuffed with pigeon, squab or chicken.  This dish is packed with incredible flavor, flaky dough and whatever meat they used was amazing.  Next, everyone chooses their main entrée.  There were 3 of us, so we all chose something different to share.  The selection is extensive, it will be hard to decide.  Finish off the meal with dessert-mint tea.

As we waited for the main course, we were treated to Belly Dancing!  The music, décor, food and dancing made us all feel like we had been transported to Morocco.  If you don’t want to experience the family style dining, you can always order ala-carte.  However, I recommend the family meal.  The cost ranges from $21-$23 per person and is definitely worth the price.  To check out more of what they have to offer and the location, click here.

Pike Place Fish Market

If you’ve never heard of Pike Place Fish Market, you are surely missing out.  This fish market is a well-known attraction in Seattle because of the environment it creates.  If you’ve ever read the book FISH, you will note that it is written about Pike Place Fish Market.  Watch the employees throw fish back and forth – if you are lucky, you can participate in this adventure yourself.  The crowds around the market are always big because of the fun it creates around this business.  I’m allergic to all seafood and have a hard time with the smell but I won’t miss an opportunity to be around this feel good fish market!  Here’s just a piece of what you can be a part of if you stop by on any given day!

Seattle Waterfront

Once you’ve explored the many, many shops at Pike’s Place, you need to drop down the backside and head to the waterfront.  Along the waterfront are amazing restaurants, fun places to shop and maybe even some street vendors selling their wares.  You can catch the ferry, tour the aquarium or just walk along the enjoy the beautiful scenery.  There is this amazing little bread shop, Alaskan Sourdough Bakery, along the pier that I stop at every time we visit.  Amazing bread, rolls and sweet bake goods make it hard to leave with just one bag of goodies.

Ferry Ride to Bainbridge Island

A trip to Seattle is not complete without taking the Ferry to Bainbridge Island.  If you are a Grey’s Anatomy fan, you know you gotta do this!  Take a jacket as you never know what the weather will be like throughout your trip.  We experienced a bit of rain, some sunshine and then some overcast skies but it was definitely worth the trip.  Take your walking shoes because you will want to discover all the beauty this island has to offer.  You can take a hike, check out the scenic vistas and visit a winery.  Head into town center called Winslow which to the culture, arts and fabulous restaurants.  This trip was the better part of a day for us because there was so much to see and do.  We headed back to Seattle at dusk so we could take in the lights of the city.  What a spectacular view from the water as you approach the waterfront at the end of a beautiful day!

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City Pass

The first thing we do before we head out to one of our favorite cities is grab a City Pass if available.  It is a great way to plan our adventure and save money in the process!  The following are some of the activities we got to do all because we purchased a City Pass for Seattle!  One of the best perks to grabbing the City Pass . . . you get to bypass the lines!  To get yours and see other cities where City Pass is available, click here!

Seattle Aquarium


Located right below Pike’s Place Fish Market and on the waterfront, there is something for everyone.  I love checking out the dolphins, sea lions and we even got to watch them feed the Octopus.  They have live shows at various times of the day!  Meet the marine mammals, learn more about them and if you are lucky, get to see the Orca.

Step into the underwater dome and be surrounded by Puget Sound sea life.  I’m just like a kid again as I watch the variety of sea life right before my eyes.  Depending on the time of day you may even get to see the staff scuba dive along with the amazing creatures.  It is so fun and you feel right in the middle of the action.  So much to discover, explore and experience at the Seattle Aquarium you could spend all day just trying to see it all!

Space Needle

Take a ride to the top of the Seattle’s iconic landmark – The Space Needle.  Be sure to get close to the elevator windows to check out the view on the way to the top.    As you step out to the observation deck, you may experience a bit of wind so be prepared.  I will say, at times the height did make my heart skip a beat but maybe it was just the fantastic views.  On a clear day you will be amazed at how far you can see as you take in the 360-degree view of Seattle.  You can grab a bite to eat, or just hang out at the top.  Before you leave, you will definitely want to stop into the gift shop to pick up a souvenir or two to take home with you!   Check before you go as they are doing some renovation at the top which, when done will offer even better views.

Museum of Pop Culture

Get your rock and roll on by visiting the Museum of Pop Culture.  As you enter you can’t miss the floor to ceiling guitar art piece.  Get lost in the music as you explore the hall and check out Curt Cobain’s guitar, the journey of Jimi Hendrix and even view an original manuscript of the Game of Thrones.  These amazing displays take you from the past to the present and every in between.  You can even jam with your friends if you are so inclined.   Took me back to my teenage years when I was young, wild and free.

Chihuly Garden and Glass

Creative minds abound in this incredibly unique display of color and glass.  The imagination to make a garden of glass is beyond comprehension, yet here it is!  Walk along the ever-changing glass garden displays, explore the galleries and glasshouse.  It is truly awe-inspiring what artist Dale Chihuly’s innovation, creativity and imagination has brought to life in these creations.

In Conclusion

We tend to visit Seattle quite a bit throughout the year.  Each adventure we try to discover something new.  Whatever we do tends to start with budget and a plan – that’s why we like City Pass.  Whenever we can save money on something we want to see, we jump on it!  The rest of the time, we just get out and walk to see what we will discover.  That’s how we found Top Pot Donuts and Sweet Iron Waffles.  Family took us to Marrakesh and we had a fantastic time.  Finally, next time you are in Seattle, grab your City Pass and go get your adventure on!