Mexico is one of our favorite places to visit and we have a true love of authentic Mexican food.  There is nothing like the intense flavors, succulent meats cooked to perfection and the variety of ingredients only found in this incredible food.  Here’s our interview with Enrique Jr.

History of Enrique’s Mexican Restaurant

This family owned business started 19 years ago by husband/wife team – Enrique Contreras and Ana Paz.  Originally known as El Gallo Giro, the name was changed to honor Enrique and his vision.  Enrique has been in this business for over 20 years.  Don’t be surprised to see him stop by your table for a little chat.   While my husband Dave got to chat with Enrique as he shot the pictures, I had the pleasure of getting to know Enrique Jr. nicknamed Quique (pronounced KeeKay).  When we talk family business, we are serious.  Everyone plays a key role and don’t be surprised to find grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles helping out wherever needed.  Commitment to serving their community to bring a taste of authentic Mexican cuisine is just one of the things that make this restaurant so amazing!  Let’s take a journey so you can see what makes this restaurant so special.

Hand-Painted Murals

As you walk around the restaurant you can’t help but notice the hand painted murals that adorn the walls.  Each one depicts a special memory for this family.  You get the privilege of getting a glimpse into their lives through these murals.


Food & Drink

This authentic Mexican cuisine starts with a traditional family recipe handed down through generations.   New menu items are always in the mix as each family members adds their spin on tradition.  We started off with the chips and salsa, La Villa Margarita and our entrée was the Mollajete Mexicano.  It was an incredible culinary experience.  Want a variety?  They offer an “all you can eat” taco bar on Monday with a choice of 4 meats for $7.95.  Buffets all day Thursday and from 11-2 Friday and 10-3 on Sunday.  On buffet days you can watch tortillas being made right in front of you.  There is truly something for everyone and so much to experience, you will want to come back every day!

La Villa Margarita

Margarita’s are my drink of choice when in Mexico because of the vast varieties of tequila.  I thought I’d tasted them all until Quique made me the La Villa margarita!  Made with Jimador Silver tequila, fresh squeezed lime juice, agave and fresh squeezed orange juice – this is my new favorite.  The expertise with which he made this margarita is nothing short of perfection!  So often the tequila will over-power the other flavors but this one was perfectly balanced.  As each sip ran across my palate, I experienced every flavor and it kept me coming back for more.   This amazing margarita will keep you coming back for more!

Mollajete Mexicano

This special request is not on the menu, but you need to know about it to experience is culinary explosion of flavors, meets and sauces that are to die for!  A lava bowl straight from the oven is brought to the table still bubbling with goodness.  The smells of all these amazing ingredients as they continue to cook right in front of you.  You have cactus and cheese on the base, chorizo, steak, chicken and shrimp.  They put the shrimp on the side for me since I have allergies.  Add a side of rice, beans and fresh tortillas and you are ready to experience the best thing this side of Heaven.  It is mildly spicy but if you want hot, just bite into the red chili or the green chili on top and you will feel the heat!  These intense flavors, succulent meats cooked to perfection are truly a food lover’s delight!  Mollajete Mexicano is truly authentic Mexican cuisine at its best!

More Options for Food & Fun

Enrique’s Taco Truck

Just down the street you can grab some of the same menu items from the main restaurant but have the food truck experience.  Great when you are on the go & need it fast!

Catering – large and small

Perfect for a family or company event.  Pick it up, schedule a delivery or they can even serve it for you.  I noticed that they also have an active to go option for those smaller orders.  At least 3 people were there to pick up their personal and/or catering orders during our short wait for a table.

Kuna Event Center

Looking for a great place to hold your next event?  The Kuna event center, designed and decorated by Ana Paz, is home to many activities.  Be sure to check out the upcoming salsa dancing event.   For more information on the Kuna Event Center, check out their Facebook page.

Enrique’s is Expanding

Business is booming and they have outgrown their current location.  Between serving over 200 at lunch/450 for dinner and the potentially long wait time for a table, Enrique’s will be moving just down the street mid-summer 2018.  Don’t worry, nothing will change except you may not need to wait as long to get seated!  Sporting a larger dining area, bigger bar and more room in the kitchen, Enrique’s will still continue to serve the amazing food and drinks in the warm, inviting family environment you have come to love.

Adventure Grammy Recap

One of the things we loved the most about this place was the people.  You walk in and are immediately greeted with a smile and an offer to get you seated.  A beautiful buffet is laid out and you can’t help but check it out on your way to the table.  The place is busy, but you definitely feel right at home.  There is so much to see between the hand painted murals, traditional art and the food as it goes by your table.  The smells make your stomach growl in anticipation for all the culinary delights you are about to experience.  Order a margarita to sip while you wait, you will not be disappointed – they really know how to make a great drink!  I love the authentic Mexican feel from start to finish.  Furthermore, we felt transported back to Mexico.  We can’t wait to go back again and try something new!

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  1. My favorite and most memorable visit to Enrique’s happened when my husband and I were visiting my sister and her husband in Kuna and we decided to eat out. We went to Enrique’s, of course. When we arrived, there was a short wait so we ordered our drinks and before we knew it we were being ushered to a table in the far corner of the large dining room. As we were being seated, we heard some laughter and greetings from the table next to us! It was my two brothers and their wives! We had all ended up at Enrique’s without knowing the others were going to be there, and then being seated next to each other! As you can probably quess, Enrique’s is a family favorite! Food is amazing, drinks are wonderful and the service is outstanding!

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