McCall, a beautiful mountain community approximately 100 miles from Boise is in preparation for the kickoff of it’s annual event.  People from all over Idaho and beyond will converge on this quiet community for the start of the McCall Winter Carnival which starts today, January 26.  We got a sneak peek of some of the beautiful snow/ice sculptures you will enjoy as part of the festivities of this amazing event.

“There’s Snow Place Like Home”

The theme for this year’s event is so true.  Large amounts of snowfall are necessary in order for this event to take shape.  McCall got more than enough in order to provide this beautiful backdrop for an exciting Winter Carnival.  Throughout the course of this week-long event, McCall’s population will grow to close to 100,000 people as people come from far and wide to enjoy all the activities this event has to offer.

Event/Activity Overview

A new event has been added this year – Iditarod Qualifier.  This 250-mile trail kicks off with a “Meet the Mushers” at 4:30 on Jan. 27.  The official race starts on Jan. 29 at 1pm and finishes Jan. 31.  You definitely want to check this out and you can track them online by clicking here.

Enjoy a parade, snow bike race, live music, fireworks, food, fun and drinks.  Don’t forget to check out the winter carnival craft fair, the ice/snow sculptures and even XBOX One Tournaments.  Plenty of activities for kids and adults.  For a complete list of activities, click here.

Winter Wonderland

A community of artists bring their sculptures to life through story.  As you tour the city, you can see Winnie the Pooh, Emerald City, Bears, Cougars, Owls and so much more.  These larger than life creations leave you in awe – the talent to create these is incredible.  The amount of work that goes into delivering this type art is immense.  You battle the weather, the sun and even your ability to finish your vision on time.  Some people start as many as two weeks in advance and work 10-hour days.  As we talked to some of the artists, they were even getting help from family and friends so they could finish by opening today.

Winter Carnival Preparation

Restaurants and local businesses are gearing up in preparation for the vast amounts of people the winter carnival brings to their area.  Be sure to check out some of our favorite places to enjoy when in McCall.

For great burgers, pizza, pasta, breakfast and brews – you can’t go wrong with any of these places.  These not to your liking, check out some of the other options you have available – you will definitely find something the satisfy your cravings.  Need something sweet – check out Stacey’s Cakes and The McCall Candy Company.


Take some time to enjoy the scenery as you journey up the mountain.  From flat lands to the mountains, the diversity of terrain is so breathtakingly powerful.  The winding road can be tricky especially with fresh snowfall.  At times the sun would peek out from between the clouds and give us a glimpse of blue sky.  When the sun is out, the snow will begin to melt and the accumulation in the trees will start to come down.  It is amazing to watch but beware, you will get wet!  Coming down the mountain, we stopped to take some pictures.  As soft snow/rain came down, we maneuver through knee-high drifts of snow to get the pictures you see below.  Just the perfect way to end a perfect day.

Adventure Grammy Final Thoughts

The McCall Winter Carnival is the perfect excuse to get out of town and enjoy the mountains.  Get bundled up in your snow gear and get ready to experience the wonder of over 30 snow/ice sculptures and 100 events during this 10-day adventure.  Perfect for the family or a romantic getaway.  Lodging may be limited for this opening weekend but you won’t know until you try!  You’ve got 10 days to get your adventure on at this amazing winter carnival in McCall!  Enjoy the trip.




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