On a recent trip to Ontario, Oregon, my daughter and I chanced upon a really cool coffee shop.  Tower House Coffee located at 146 SW 4th Ave. is a perfect stop to grab a coffee or even breakfast.  The rustic setting of this coffee shop creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere from the moment you walk in the door.  Zach and Josie really know how to create an atmosphere that makes you feel at home.


Owner Zach Van Matre and his “right-hand” (girlfriend) Josie Thode spent 6 months cleaning and restoring this home in order to bring a different vibe to the area.  Everyone is welcome and the goal is that when you leave, you feel like family.  I know that was the case for us after spending time with Josie on our visit.  Open now for 6 months, they are looking to add even more offerings to this “coffee shop”.


One of the first things you notice when you walk in is the amazing aroma of coffee.  Dawson Taylor, out of Boise is their roaster and the coffee is so good!  You get a great selection of latte’s, mocha’s and regular coffee.  Add flavors, be creative and experience unique flavors – you will keep coming back for more.  They don’t stop at coffee, they also offer beer and wines – perfect for getting together with friends.  When it is nice, sit out on the deck and enjoy the weather.


Breakfast options include a breakfast sandwich, burrito, veggie burrito – just to name a few.  More of a lunch person, you can grab a panini, build your own sandwich, grilled cheese or a wrap.  In addition, they have snacks and pastries if you are looking for something small.  Mid-February they will be adding take-out wood-fired pizza to the menu.  You never know what is going to be on the menu but there is something for everyone.

Support Local Artisans

I love walking into a coffee shop and finding items created by local artisans for sale.  Here you will find soaps, mugs and other art pieces.  It gives you insight into who these people are and what they value.  On almost every wall, you will something to look at and if that’s not enough, there is a really cute shop right next door.  Josie was sharing with us how they have some of the greatest items and we should definitely check it out!  It is so much fun to eat, drink and shop all in one place.

Adventure Grammy Final Thoughts

Tower House Coffee is such a great place to hang out and feel at home.  The atmosphere they have created is warm and welcoming – you truly are treated like family.  Josie was so much fun to talk to and it was like we’d been friends forever.  I can’t wait to check out what’s new next time we are in the area.  This is so much more than a coffee shop – it feels like going over to a friend’s house and hanging out.  Next time you are in Ontario, you gotta stop in and check them out!  Be sure to say “hi” to Zach and Josie – tell them Adventure Grammy sent you!

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