What better way to spend a beautiful Saturday than to stop for a taste of the grapes at Koenig Vineyards and Distillery.   Koenig Vineyards and Distillery, founded in 1995, utilizes grapes from the top vineyards to produce small lots of wines “with character and distinction”.  Located at 21452 Hoskins Road, Caldwell, ID, Koenig’s magnificent new building, award winning wine and a fantastic outdoor patio and tasting room.

Only a year old, the tasting room is set in the picturesque Snake River Valley, Idaho’s own wine country.  Stepping into the tasting room leaves you breathless.  The beauty of this dynamic piece of architecture is awe-inspiring.  Directly in front of you is the wine tasting bar with all the wines lining the wall.  Most noteworthy is the amount of awards hanging from the bottles around the room.  You can see at a glance the success of their wine making.  But it doesn’t stop with wine, they also have brandies, whiskey and vodka which touts awards of their own.  It is truly understated elegance.

We are greeted by David and Carly who I like to call our “wine guides”.  Knowledgeable, fun and enthusiastic about their wines, they give us insight into what we will be experiencing.  We all try something different so we don’t miss a thing!  There isn’t one wine that we don’t find incredibly awesome!

Koenig Vineyards and Distillery World Class Wines

Award winning wines line the walls and feature several red, white, dessert and ice wines.  The wine flavors take your taste buds on a wild ride through what the Snake River Valley has to offer.  Crisp, clean, robust, fill-bodied barely begin to describe the sensations that each of these select wines brings to the palate.    The dessert and ice wines are some of my favorites because of their unique process used to bring out their incredible sweetness.  So much work goes into getting these wine just right.

White Wine Selection:

  • Chardonnay
  • Riesling
  • Dry Rose
  • Viognier

Red Wine Selection:

  • Merlot
  • Cabernet Savignon
  • Cabernet-Syrah
  • Syrah

 Dessert and Ice Wines

  • Late Harvest Riesling
  • Riesling Ice Wine
  • Cabernet Savignon

Brandy, Whiskey, Vodka

The first time I came to a tasting at Koenig, I was surprised to see these offerings.  So being adventuresome, I took home a bottle of Pear Brandy.  It was love at first sip!  Koenig has a wide selection of brandy some of which include Pear, Cherry, Grappa, and Plum.  They also carry Huckleberry and Potato Vodka and a couple of selections of whiskey.  So truly there is something for everyone.

Join the Club

If you really want to have the complete experience, you need to join the wine club at Koenig Vineyards and Distillery.  Members receive two 2, 4, 6, 12 bottles of wine every other month, exclusive vintage offerings which are members only, discounts on wine, Club room privileges and priority for wine events.   This is definitely a must do for the wine enthusiast.

Relax with Friends

Finally, what a great place to grab a glass of wine, enjoy outdoor seating and partake in the spectacular view of the valley.   The outdoor patio provides options for sun and shade.  Vineyards surround the area, you cannot find a more relaxing environment to catch up with friends.  I had family visiting from Seattle and wanted to give them a flavor of Idaho.  They are wine enthusiasts and have toured some of the biggest vineyards and winery in California, but told us they love this one the best!  We tasted wine, enjoyed the scenery and they took a case of wine home with them.  What more could you ask for!

To learn more, go to https://www.koenigvineyards.com/